Our Mission

By humanizing technology and guiding our Clients through the complex digital world by filtering out the noise in that technology that is not important to the general public.


OceanaExpress is one of the world’s leading independent publishers, and is an award-winning multimedia brand that guides consumers to the best products and services available today – and brings them closer to consumers by uncovering the innovations that will shape their lives tomorrow. Our Brand OceanaExpress has social pages with significant social followers from whom we take the knowledge of our website to significant people around the world. Our site interacts directly with a significant number of unique individuals per month.

We cover what technology makes easier and simpler for you to live your life: Not only gadgets but also how to unlock the places where you are stuck in your normal life, how to solve the problems that arise when using that technology, and the story of the people who made this technology and the way they’re reshaping the world outside your window.

We filter tons of devices and innovations around us and select the best ones for you and reveal to you the actual experience, their specifications, highlights, and Hype. The world of technology is always fast-paced creating interesting, entertaining, and challenging conversations. But you don’t have time to become an expert in choosing these. But we will do our best to help you become an expert in what you need.

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CEO (Chief Executive Officer) : Ramal Jayarathne

Chief Manager : Nipuni Jayaweera

[email protected]

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